My Therapy Dogs Saved my Life

Therapy Dog Luna checking out Kate’s Race Shirt.

If you own a dog you are eight times more like to survive the first critical year after a heart attack, then your dog-less friends…eight times!  Snuggling with dogs lowers the stress hormone cortisol.  Playing with dogs reduces anxiety, normalizes blood pressure and helps you feel more connected, less alone.  I know a man who’s Doctor actually wrote on s prescription pad “Get a dog”.

God bless my pups for forcing me to get up, get out and walk after my heart surgery.  I am so grateful to my dogs and all of your therapy animals for the lives they have saved.  And when they are not saving us they are making our lives richer.  Clients are motivated and inspired in a context of joy, while their bodies release Oxycontin, that readies the cells for healing.  What an incredible prescription!

– Kate Thomas

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