Luna our 11 month old puts on a few baubles on St. Patricks Day at the suggestion of an OT client.  She receives a kiss from Nurse Kim for the wearing of the green!


We feel luckier than the Irish!!  The Class at Towson University went exceptionally well.  The Students came to play hard and learn all the could.  Registration was at capacity.  We had to turn away a dozen interested individuals.  I feel quite badly about that.  Please come work with us next year in the spring.  By the numbers 34 Registrants, 14 Therapy Dogs, 2 Therapy Birds, 10 Therapy Animal Handlers, 2 Volunteers and 3 Instructors.  Well done Towson!


Our Research Project on Animal Assisted Therapy at John Hopkins is slated to start within the next 90 days.  It’s exciting stuff to begin a gold standard, empirical study. Outstanding Research Team, very intelligent, dedicated individuals.  This will produce the data we need to provide hard core scientific evidence of the direct therapeutic benefits of working closely with nature when performing Therapy.


UPDATE on John Hopkins Hospital Pilot study on “Standing Tolerance Times”.  We are very pleased with the statistics we have gathered so far.  The Research is certainly in favor of the presence of the Therapy/Dog Handler Teams benefiting the patients.

Join our class and presentation of the Hopkins study at the American Occupational Therapy Association national conference in Baltimore Maryland in April 2014.


Some of us dress our pups in costumes.  A word of caution about allowing patients or clients to dress dogs, we only recommend clothing or decorations that do not restrict the dogs movements and that go on and come off, very easily.  Nothing with sleeves. A dogs elbow and shoulder doesn’t bend like ours and your pup could end up in a painful situation.

This is easily avoided by dressing in non-sleeved costumes.  Hats, capes, scarfs or doggie coats that don’t have arms and are easy to put on and remove, can help you achieve your outcomes and keep your valuable modality, the dog, safe.

Making kissing noises at Holiday Pups

finite motor coordination, ADL's

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